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Ensuring Proper Storage For Your Washer And Dryer

Protecting your appliances in all situations will help to ensure that they give you the best service for years to come. Finding out the best way to store your washing machine and dryer is essential. Whether you need to store the appliances for a couple of weeks or for several months, it pays to keep them safe so that they remain in great shape. It is important to remember that the appliances accumulate water and lint over time and there are important steps you should take before placing the items in storage.

•    Rinsing out detergent

Before storing the appliances, you should make sure that you rinse the parts carefully. Remove all signs of detergent from the washing machine and clean any debris left behind by dirty laundry. To rinse the machine, you simply fill it with water and run an empty load. If your washer has accumulated a large build-up of detergents, adding vinegar to the water can help to thoroughly clean out the machine. To clean the dryer, remove lint traps and all removable parts and wash them in a soap and water solution.

•    Dry the machine parts

When you are sure that the washer and dryer are free from lint and detergents, carefully dry the machine parts. You need to leave the machines unused for a couple of days to allow them to

completely dry out. Remove the hoses to ensure that they dry completely before storing. Make sure that you dry all the washer and dryer accessories in order to prevent accumulation of rust and mold during storage. Choosing a good storage unit will help to protect your appliances.

In some cases, you may find it necessary to take the appliances apart in order to achieve this. In such cases, you should consider using the user manual that comes with the device to take it apart with ease. This way, you will reduce the chances of voiding the warranty.

•    Transporting the appliances

Prepare the appliances for transport by using appropriate packing materials. You need to transport the washer and dryer carefully to prevent damage and scratches. Proper care will help to prevent broken handles or doors. Use strong tape to keep the latches and doors shut during transit. To keep the appliances free of scratches, wrap the appliances using bubble wrap and place thick, soft blankets around them. Place the hoses and electrical cords inside the appliances for safety and storage efficiency. If there are parts of the appliance that are not solidly attached to the appliance, it might be wise for you to consider detaching them from the rest of the device and then transporting them separately. This reduces the chances of breakage.

•    Unloading the appliances

It is a good idea to load the appliances last into the truck so that they can be the first items that you unload. This will ensure that you place the washer and dryer first in the storage unit. Unload the appliances carefully upon arrival and make sure that you place them level on the unit floor. You can leave the machine doors slightly open to avoid accumulation of moisture or condensation. Having a climate controlled unit will help to provide protection when temperatures fluctuate.

•    Covering the machines

Do not use a plastic cover or tarp to cover the appliances as this can lead to condensation that can cause rust or mildew. Use a blanket or cotton sheet to cover the appliances to keep them free from scratches or dust that can mar their appearance. Also, consider placing the appliances on a pallet to keep them off the ground as extra protection against unexpected water intrusion.

•    Arranging the appliances

When in the storage unit, consider arranging the appliances in such a manner that minimal risk will befall them. Some of the considerations you need to make include figuring out if you will want to use the rest of the space to store other things, as well as the movement patterns in the facility. If you are going to be walking in and out of the storage unit a lot and are sure that you will not need to remove the machines any time soon, make sure that they are arranged in such a manner that they won’t be damaged in the process of doing this.

Storing them at the back of the unit might be a wise idea. You should avoid stacking anything on top of the washer and dryer since most models are fragile and will break. Storing items overhead should be done with care, so that in case any of them falls on the machine they will not do much damage. For more general advice on how to store electronics, it would be wise to consult your storage facility managers. If you work with a high quality one, they are likely to be a good resource for this type of information.

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    Louise K
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    Maria Paheco
  • September 12, 2012. I have never seen a storage facility so clean. The unit is dust free. I can`t believe how clean the property is. Please tell the owner how impressed I am .

  • We have been with Abacus for a few years and we have never had a problem. The place is always clean, tidy and well kept, they are very nice to deal with and have great customer service. They look out for the customer and we like that. We highly recommend Abacus to anyone looking for storage, and...

  • Hi guys, I just recently rented a 10x10 storage unit from you guys and decided to write a review. When I first walked into the office, I was impressed how organized it looked, it was not like the other storage companies I previously visited. It was cleaned, smelled nice and most importantly I was greeted...

  • August 24, 2012. Very happy with service.

  • Satisfied on cleanleness, location, efficient management and reasonable priced.

    Raymond Tam
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  • We are very happy with storage location, facility is alway`s clean and accessible. Anna S

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    Jodi M
  • September 1, 2012. Abacus Self Storage was recommended to me from clients I had sold a home to several years ago. I have found Jane and all the staff to be unbelievably kind to me as well as patient and understanding. I will always recommend this storage facility to anyone I know. I thank everyone there...

  • I,ve been with you for a decade now and am glad to say how pleased I am with the high calibre of your personnel. Specifically, Jane`s ever friendly, courteous, helpful nature make my visits a joy. She takes genuine interest in us and I send my appreciation. Also, David goes out of his way to assist...

  • 04-17-2014-My girlfriend and I are moving into a new place together and we had to find a secure, affordalble and  convenient storage facility to store our belongings, while we are transitioning to a new apartment. Jane made us feel extremely confident that we were choosing the right place. She helped...

    Scott and Ola, Scottola
  • September 1, 2012. From my first call and enquiry, it has always been a pleasure dealing with the staff at Abacus Self Storage, where they provide outstanding customer service.

  • Hi there, this messge is for Jane, I just wanted to leave a thank you. Holly was just wonderful, she is professional and she is helpful and it was really kind of her to help me sign in yesterday. I just wanted to let Jane know that Holly is a wonderful resource person and I`ll see you guys later. Bye...

  • August 27, 2012. The Team at Abacus is professional, very helpful and courteous-always giving a little bit extra and doing a little bit more that what is asked. The facilities are well-run, clean and secure. I highly recommend them.

  • August 26, 2012. Friendly and helpful staff. clean and professional facility! A truly great place to store things! Highly recommended!

    Elmira and Brian
  • August 31, 2012. As a customer of many years, I commend Abacus for clean, well-lit and maintained, secure premises with huge carts now for ease of moving items. Customer Service, under Jane`s managment, is efficient and friendly. In fact. I consider the team as friends.

  • Cleanest seft storage I`ve seen I have used self-storage places 3 times in Canada and I was very impressed on how clean is this place. Other pros: Good location (convinient for me :), very friendly staff, and good price. I do recommend this place. 2011-08-03

  • 04-30-2013-just rented a storage locker from Abacus Self Storage. They are well organized , courteous, well organized and efficient. The locker is spotlessly clean and I am very pleased with the experience. They provide a lock and also had a special on the space rental on the second floor where I paid...

    Elyse Pomeranz
  • August 30, 2012. Very clean unit. Great security system. Wonderful organization.

  • November 21, 2011. Nice clean premises. Staff have been very helpful!

  • I just wanted to drop a quick not to say how much of a pleasant experience it was to reserve our unit and how easy it is to use. At a very stressfull time ( with moving) it`s great to have something go so smoothly.

    Jeff Dunning
  • Thank you so much for excellent services. I like the way how the renting storage is organized. It is easy and fast. The customer service is so good!!! People at the front desk are very friendly and helpful at all given time. Thanks again. Galyna

  • September 10, 2012. Abacus Self Storage staff have been very helpful, friendly and accessibe. The facility is clean, bright and ideal. I definitely recommend it.

  • November 14, 2011. We have been entirely pleased with Abacus` service and pleasant and professional policies.  They are very quick to respond to inquires and do their best so that our experience utilizing their storge facility is pain and stress free. Thank you.

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